Death, Dying and the Afterlife

Death, Dying and the Afterlife

When we talk about death, we have to ask ourselves: who or what is dying?

Is it the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul, the ego, the personality?

We know, that when the heart stops beating and the brain stops working, we die.

I am here to say that we don’t die, but the body dies. We as a soul can not die and never will die.

Gods Image

If we are made in God’s image and God is eternal, we have to be eternal too. Now what is God? This question can never be fully answered with our mind, that, what makes us think. I asked my guiding ones, the inner teachers, about it. They answered: As long as you are in the limited body, you might never fully understand the mystery of God. We will however convey some concepts of understanding. 

All encompassing, omni-conscious presence is like a huge gigantic ethereal brain, expanding understanding while experiencing and doing. 

The Tree of Life

My counselors also conveyed the concept of the Druid tree, the tree of life:

The eternal fruit and flowers symbolize the eternal soul, always connected to the source/God, the Prime Creator. The trunk symbolizes the soul emanating from the source like rays from the sun, still in higher awareness level. The knobby part of the root system, un-interred, symbolizes the area of the 7 heavens. Then the soul splits into soul strands, like a root system. The root traveling through the ground is like traveling through the astral level, through which we go, entering our body. At the end of the root system sits a soul spark, which animates the body with energy. 

The swirls of the Celtic tree of life symbolize the multidimensionality of existence and the multidimensionality of our reality.

The Symbol of the Pyramid

The symbol of the pyramid with the all-seeing-eye within a circle symbolizes our artificial reality, like a theater play of life. The pyramid represents the multifaceted drama of polarity: good and bad. The all-seeing-eye, also known as third eye, represents the soul spark, sitting within the body. 

The Third Eye

This third eye, the gateway, has been fascinating cultures for centuries. The eye of hours symbolizes the same thing, the gateway to soul in our body. 

The below picture shows how the ancients already associated the pineal gland with the gateway to seeing and understanding. The pineal gland being the gateway, or the “Godhead”.

The Brain and it’s neurotransmitters and glands directs everything in our body. The third eye is the meeting point between body and spirit. 

Even in the bible it says: Make thy eye single, thy body then is full of light.

The Soul and the Soul Spark

The soul is that light. In the electromagnetic field the soul shows up like a white-golden spark shining through the third eye center. The Saints are painted with a golden halo, because they were “soul aware”. This means, they brought their attention to the third eye center. They operated from that awareness, the awareness of soul/oneness. They have climbed the pyramid and ended up on top. Even people who were not clairvoyant could see their radiance emanating around their heads.

Meditation and the Little Death

Mediation is called the little death, because the person focuses on the soul. It is a process to withdraw from the sensations of the body and of the mind, the thought apparatus. Speaking with our picture of the tree of life: the person meditating goes beyond the pyramid of the seeing eye into the light channel, the soul strand, the root system of the soul. Depending on how focused and experienced the meditating person is, the higher he can expand his focus of awareness.  He can literally knock on heavens door.

Focusing now on the death of the body and the elevation of soul.

Death, Dying and the Afterlife – Scientifically

Many scientists and doctors have found the body to become about 3/4th of an ounce and up to an ounce lighter at the time of death. 

Peter Fenwick (born 25 May 1935) is a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist who is known for his pioneering studies of end-of-life phenomena. Check out his video on youtube. He supports this lecture with his findings.

What happens when the soul/spirit leaves the body?

The soul withdraws from the body and goes through a process of disengagement from the body. The mind, the focus of what we call self, is still intact at this time and so is our emotional and spirit body.


It has been reported from some people who had near death experiences and who went through the tunnel, to feel like fire. Some report that the life rushed past within seconds and that one would feel the consequences of every deed one did during one’s lifetime. 

It sounds to me that “purgatory” is right at hand here and that it is part of leaving the past behind. 

Others have just reported the love they felt form the “other side” and that after a discussion with “light beings”, they decided to continue life in physical form.

How long does a soul or spirit stay connected to this reality?

Some case observance from a Medium‘s perspective

From my experience as a medium: every case is different.

One example would be a mother who dies of cancer and leaves young children behind. She might stay close to this reality, to support her children, and does not move on fast and far away. 

When a person was murdered, the spirit focus often persists on staying here, until the murder is solved.

In a suicide case, 2 categories come into play:

a) it’s meant to be (destined) and they move right on up,

or b) they relive that moment over and over again, until they get an understanding what went wrong in their lives and what choices could have been done differently, what alternatives they have had. Gradually they will be brought out of their inner darkness and desperation into the light. A helping hand is always given to those souls. They are not left alone.

I also found that souls, who were scared of dying and did not want to acknowledge the light because of fear of judgment or of attachment to their lives, can in some cases become ghosts. We will talk about that a little later.

If severe accidents happen, souls often seem to take on a task to help those, who had similar happenings.

I had several spirits talk to me who helped other souls to transition from this life to the next, to get on with their life beyond our understanding.

The time line of transition from body to beyond

From my perspective as a medium, I have seen all sorts of different timelines in regard to what happens to the soul and mind. 

For the most part the spirit of the person stays close for some days to say their good byes. I have observed spirit activity from the soul up to a week after the funeral. Then there seems to be a “quiet” time.

Most spirits stay close for at least 3 days and then, depending on their awareness level, move on. 

If there has been a tragic accident or a self inflicted death or an acute fear of dying and disorientation, the soul is brought in what I perceive to be a golden cocoon for recuperation, disengagement from the human life and learning/understanding what eternal life, soul really means. It is like a theater play.

The Theater Play of Life and the Soul Assemble

The eternal soul does not judge, what it plays, after the play, it gets applauded or send back to perform better. Inside the theater play of life we judge, outside of the theater play of life, we clap each other on the shoulder, like actors and say, “good performance”.

I noticed that souls bond together like a soul assemble like actors seem to play together in a theater assemble.

The more detached from this life we are when we die, the easier it seems to move on and go towards the “light” and acknowledge that we are eternal soul.

What is a Ghost?

Now you might ask me what ghosts are and where they come from and what creates them.

There are all kinds of ghosts and they differ in the illusions they can create.

Ghosts are the residual limited spirit of some being, human or animal, with limited awareness. Even if they lived long ago in the flesh, they don’t remember it all, but cling to fragments. I see ghosts as being a residual imprint of the past.

A spirit could be an energy form of something that was or is not human. Things exist in this world that look human but aren’t human, and there’s no real telling how many species of these there are.

Spirits and Ghosts

There are beings walking the Earth fully disguised as humans, deliberately fooling us. So when it comes to a spirit, you never know who you’re dealing with. It could be something good and loving. It could be something dreadful that secretly despises humankind and wants to hurt it. But the main thing is to understand that all spirits have a kind of organization. Even though spirits are invisible to most people, they have a perceivable form and a nucleus of sorts in which consciousness and intend reside together. Science has not completely caught up with it yet. 

The Consistency of a Ghost

The nucleus and the particles that make up a ghost are simply too small to be seen by our three dimensional eyes. The force field that organizes them can pass effortlessly through the molecules that we can see. 

Think of insects and how simple it is for them to pass through a hardware cloth. Think of water passing through cotton or silk. That’s the way ghosts pass through walls.

It draws particles of matter to itself magnetically and organizes them into the illusion. The illusion or projection can be so strong that it looks and feels even solid. But it’s always an illusion, and when the ghost wants to disappear, or has to disappear, the particles are diffused.  

Some ghosts however, can make themselves so solid, that they’re visible not just to one or two receptive persons, but to everybody.  Most of the time a ghost uses it’s organizing principles to appear to one receptive individual. The receptor in the brain makes the person a “sensitive”. 

What is a Spirt Nucleus?

The nucleus is a soul’s fragment. A fragment of the soul that refused to move on when it was separated from its earthly body.  The soul is not necessarily matter, but more like electricity or energy, something infinitesimal that is organized energy. It might expand throughout our body when we’re alive. It contracts to a nucleus when we die, and that nucleus should go into the Light, as we well know. 

What is an Earthbound Spirit?

What is the Spirit Body of a Ghost?

Instead of going out of our stratosphere, as it should when it disconnects from the body, the spirit nucleus stays behind, earthbound, and generates for itself a spirit body. A spirit body is a body of energy accumulation in the shape of its lost human body, and that’s how it acquires its characteristics as a ghost. It can “forget” that it ever was human and exists as an energy form attached mostly to a place or object of former importance.

There are earthbound spirits which are thousand years old. There’s no ticking clock for them. There’s no hunger, no thirst. Without us to make them focus and tighten, they simply drift, if there is not an attachment to a certain place or object.

I’m not even certain what they see or know when they drift, but then along comes a person who can respond to them, and they begin to evolve as a ghost for that person. That’s why some sensitives attract ghosts like moths to the flame. 

What prompts an Earthbound Spirit or Ghost into existence?

When some people die, they aren’t sure of the Light and they might not recognize the light for what it is. Their spirit focus or mind may not trust it. They cling to the Earth; they cling to mortals whom they can still see and hear. It can start a whole adventure for itself, especially if it finds a receptive person like you or me somebody who can see it, even when its organizing powers are still weak. Then of course we or others help it focus by noticing it and talking to it, and paying attention to it, and its organization becomes stronger and stronger. Our life force can “feed” the ghost.

Dispersing of a Ghost

If you must get rid of a ghost, prayer disperses those nicely. Asking Angels to help is always in order. Not to give it too much personal attention is also a good foundation. That’s why children are more plagued with spirit visits than “ignorant” grown ups. It is not bad to be a receptive or to be sensitive, as it comes with spiritual development. It is just the matter of how we learn to handle it. Once we can handle them, they won’t bother anymore, knowing that we are too strong to be fooled with. On the other hand it can help to attract more positive spirits and to draw Angels in, by widening our “spiritual nucleus” within our body through e.g. meditation.

How can a spirit appear?

Other spirits in general have a nucleus and a force field they use too, just like a ghost, to gather electromagnetic particles to appear to someone, whether it is an angelic being or a crossed over loved one.

They can show up through color, sound, fragrance and many different ways.

The easiest way of a deceased loved one to show themselves to the living is through dreams or through focusing their essence/nucleus into the reality of the loved one left behind. Such focusing results in the piercing of reality and we see a golden or silver spark with our physical eyes.

Sometimes they manipulate small animals like butterflies of birds or they turn the attention of the living person to a certain song, create coincidences or send a fragrance, which is remembered by the living. Other times that happens by activating a certain memory in the human’s brain. Sometimes they even project the form of a hand to touch the loved one here on earth, which takes tremendous effort and focus on the part of the spirit.

I hope I have given you some food for thought. Words limit what I try to express. The word “spirt” is liberally used for a variety of “consciousness in form”.

There is so much more to talk about between “heaven and earth”.

One last remark: NEVER FEAR!

Best wishes and blessings,

Claudia Granger