November Newsletter 2019

 Dear Clients and Friends,
You were probably wondering, why you did not hear from me for a while. A lot was going on this year.
My father died in spring; 2 daughters were diagnosed with cancer at the same time; I had to get a new website and created a ton of new classes and webinars. 
Brilliance in Demand – Your Ultimate Self-Esteem 

The Ultimate Self Esteem for Teens – A Brilliance in Demand Resource 
In this 4-week program we will lay a solid foundation for the core center brilliance to shine, the natural brilliance everybody is born with. The result will be a sense of security, wherever you go or wherever you are in your life.Outside influences and influencers will not be able to bother you so much anymore, because you know who you REALLY are, and you will have tools to clear out any kind of negativity! You will learn to distinguish between influences you can and cannot change and how to deal with them accordingly, to stay on top of the wave of life and not to get drowned out by it.Therefore you are able to reach your full potential in what you came here to do and to be and to accomplish.
Life After Divorce – How to get your SMILE, ZEST FOR LIFE and JOY back

THIS 4-week program is designated to all people, whose identity took a tumble or who were faced with an identity crisis after divorce. Before we were husband or wife of…. Now we are just “I” and who might that be? This course is extremely supportive in finding out more about yourself and re-establishing the miracle of joy. Plus, it brings life’s magic spark back into our everyday existence.
How to shift into your DREAM CAREER – A Brilliance in Demand Intensive Program

In this custom designed package, you will find support in the big steps to your DREAM CAREER. Yes! – I will help you to think big, dream big and put practical steps into action plans, specialized for you. – You will find out what your true talents are, – who you are serving best, – how you can get with your qualification from point A to point B, – what technical things you need to implement to be seen and heard during an interview- NLP strategies to get the wanted results- how to ace an interviewand much more…., including me, holding your hand until YOU DID IT!

That’s it in a nutshell.
I was also on the go between Germany and the US to support my mother as well as traveling for filming.
Some of you might have seen the TV series: “A Haunting- Vision of Terror”, S08 E10, which was syndicated literally all over the world.
There will be a new, but even better one, most likely shown in January for the Travel Channel: A Haunting in the Heartland – Atchison Episode. 
There I clear a house and calm down the resident spirit occupants as well as tell their story. Some interesting devices were used on the show by a ghost hunter host and that should make for some fine visual spirit connections. I will let you know, when I receive the exact date, when it goes on air. 
As  result, I created the house clearing package and have cleared houses remotely and together with the owners. You can book this service here:CLEAR YOUR HOUSE FROM UNWANTED SPIRITS OR ENERGIES
THIS PACKAGE IS ALSO EXCELLENT FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS, WHO HAVE TROUBLE WITH CERTAIN OBJECTS.Once we have done a clearing together, you will own the path on how to do it in the future. You will have all the documents, so that you can reduplicate the success on clearing a property.

In regard of the declining health of my father and the health of my daughters and now the chronic dis-ease of a dear friend and soul sister, it is and was quite difficult to watch, without being able to do too much. I found that once one dis-easement was beaten, another one reared its ugly head. I realized that emotional components and old traumas need to be considered on the path of regaining one’s health. 
I got so much confirmation for this statement during the recent Hay House Health Summit. 
Therefore, I decided to do a November and December Special: Take $50 off a one hour emotional clearing session. Use code “Crystal Clear” at check out.
You can book through this link: BE CRYSTAL CLEAN AND CLEAR!
This is so important, because in 2020 we will start a 10-year cycle of energy like under a full moon. Everybody will have to look at their undigested fears and emotions. Become the rock in stormy waters.
May you embrace the ease of magic in every day life! 

The link toFOCUSED LIFE FORCE ENERGY (FLFE)will continuously be displayed, so that all newcomers also have access. FLFE is a subscription service that activates a high-consciousness field around a property or object such as a cell phone.THE EMF MITIGATION PROGRAM IS INCLUDED IN ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS, AND THE FREE TRIAL. It is a truly free trial because you don’t even have to put your credit card in and therefor there is no automated enrollment. I find this important in regard of the authenticity of the program.Seeing / feeling is believing!FLFE’s EMF Mitigation Program harmonizes all consciousness-lowering EMFs. 
Many of my clients are happy users of this wonderful addition to their energy field.

You are allowed to share the trial with others, if you like.
Accumulate this energy in your home and in yourself and …
Here is what I heard from my clients:
– It seems like I have more energy- It makes me more light-hearted-Wow! I am not depressed anymore! Amazing!- Everything seems to move forward faster.- I felt it the moment it was turned on and I felt it right the moment they turned it off. I could not turn it back on fast enough!
This client of mine describes it quite nicely.Sarah says: “When you send me healing energy, Claudia, it is very soft. This energy is like white and silver light, strong and very sparkly.”
I hadn’t tuned into the energy in detail, but I found out that she is correct. It feels to me that the white purifies what hinders us, the silver reflects the positive aspects, which are in us and the sparkling energy gives us new ideas and directions. The feedback was so good, that I was encouraged to offer it again to more people:
FOCUSED LIFE FORCE ENERGY 15-day free trial here 

May your heart be filled with light and your soul be filled with sparkle.

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