'As Seen on TV”A Haunting” S08 E10 “Vision of Terror” Clearing a Spirit

'As Seen on TV”A Haunting” S08 E10 “Vision of Terror” Clearing a Spirit

Claudia Granger Psychic, Medium

With my psychic abilities, I want to help you live your best life, blossom to your true potential,  find the light in your life and welcome you to your inner journey. I serve  with CLARITY, COMMITMENT AND COMPASSION in a fast, accurate and loving manner. It is all about you!

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Under certain circumstances, my psychic connections will help me to see clearly in health-related matters (Medical Intuitive). By tuning in empathically, I can assist you in Emotional and Trauma Release. My systems and guides have been proven to be practical, loving and straight forward.

I operate from Sedona, Arizona, over the phone; and across the world through Skype.

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Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“Thank you so much for the enlightenment that you conveyed during our session.”

Barbara Bindler

Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“ I really enjoyed your reading last year. It was very impressive.”

Ana Gonzalez

Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“Thank you for confirming the material of my book.”

Lois Person

Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“ Many thanks for your clarity and beautiful consciousness.”


Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“ I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and your wonderful insights. I have listened to your tape several times and I learn more each time I hear it… You are blessed with a tremendous gift.”

Mary Hendry

Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“ I enjoyed my reading with you. It was remarkably accurate, which is why I thought I’d see if you work long distance.”

Jamie Lankford

Claudia Granger , Psychic Medium

“ Thank you for helping me realize how beautiful and perfect I am. Life has not been the same since our meeting. I now experience life every second of each day … and I remain now continually in awe.” 

Chris McNall-Lubeck


Best of Sedona - Psychic Medium
2022 Best of Sedona Crystal Award (1)

Claudia as Teacher

If you have had psychic experiences on your own and need clarity through another psychic, I’ll be glad to be of service to explain or confirm your psychic experiences to you.

If you are interested in attending the classes, we offer many options for you to select. If you don’t see a class according to your needs, Sedona Psychic will help to create it, especially for you.

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