Prices & Booking

MASTERSHIP PROGRAM: Fast Track to your Psychic Abilities: book here

Partial Payments can be made upon request.

You can start any time you want and at the pace you want.

– Align yourself with Spirit and your Higher Self
– Discover Your Purpose and gain a Deeper Understanding of Purpose and Path
– Receive Intuitive Wisdom and Guidance
– Awaken Your Third Eye and Inner Knowing
– Learn to Channel Safely
– Harness The Gift Of Your Empathic Self (Empath’s survival guide)
– Explore Your Spiritual Gifts
– Awaken Your Cosmic Intelligence and Harness Hidden Mysteries
– Journey Within
– Embrace Yourself and Your Spiritual Awakening
– Explore and Manifest Hidden Realities
– Feel, Sense, See, and Ravel In Cosmic Connections
– Become More Magnetic
– Raise Your Vibration and Heal Chaos
– Have a Calm Foundation Sanctuary
– Open Doors to New Possibilities
– Align Yourself with Your Authentic Self
– Navigate Life’s Complexities
– Your Talents and Passions will Fourish
– But first and foremost EN-JOY!

  • It is a 6-week Comprehensive Mastership Program with six self-study modules and continuous group sessions plus one personalized session towards the end of the program ($200 value).  You will get an email when you purchase the course with access to all materials and instructions. You automatically book a 30-minute onboarding time with me, where I explain the process, even though the modules and introductions are self-explanatory.
  • You will also have access to group recordings of previous groups in the Meeting Library.
  • You have access to the ever-growing Library of Continued Learning.
  • We meet once, mostly twice a month, for live Zoom meetings. Dates are provided in Module 1 and also in the continued learning folder.
  • YOU have ALWAYS access to me via email or phone if questions arise. You don’t have to wait until the next live meet. You can see that I will dedicate quite some time to you, even though it is a self-learning course. You will not be left hanging.
  • Themes and Modules of Fast Track:
    1) Connection with the Divine Spirt through Golden Light and Homing in on the four major information portals of seeing, hearing, sensing, and feeling;
    2) Aura Seeing – Grounding;
    3) Meet your guides, angels, and crossed-over loved ones in a safe manner
    4) How to channel safely,
    5) Healing with Divine Light,
    6) Clearing Blockages and Modules for practical utilization of the gifts in everyday life. This module got extended so that people can also deal with low-frequency beings, from ghosts to whatever, as it seems that people see more of such activity as our planet accelerates its vibrations and the veil between the worlds gets thinner.
  • When a live course is offered, there will be weekly Zoom Meetings.

Times can be changed. Live meetings are on Thursdays: currently 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, 8 pm EST.
Please compare your time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

  • Dedicate daily practice time throughout the six weeks if possible, as practice makes perfect.
  • The Zoom meetings will be recorded so that everyone can benefit, even if one cannot attend. They will be stored in the Meeting Library, where you also can access meetings from previous groups.
    The meetings are interactive group sessions with questions and answers on the Zoom platform. These questions, answers, and exercises will be customized to the groups’ needs.
  • A private “Fast Track to Your Psychic Abilities” group was also created on Facebook. There, group members can post suggestions or links to things they might find helpful. I posted links to movies that explain multidimensionality, book suggestions, crystal finds, a video about the Third Eye, etc.
  • The bonus booster session is personalized to you. I recommend taking that toward the end of the course to get all your course-related questions answered. I take great pride in my work and would not let you enter the world with half my knowledge.
  • You have lifetime access to the course, even if you lose the link.
  • You are invited to participate in our “Divine Light Healing Circle.” There, we practice healing arts for the ones in need, including ourselves. We have been quite successful, and many well-meaning beings join us in this exquisite time of light. Not only do you do good, but it will give you a feeling of being “back home.”
  • You will be the first to be notified of Fast Track II and Fast Track III. My current students asked me to go deeper into certain areas of interest, and I am happy to oblige.

Former students tell me from their experiences it should be in the thousands, but that is way too much for everyday use. I asked my spirit guides, and they said $699.- (the power of love doubled).

They are telling me that the time of awakening is now and to dedicate time for your practical uplink to your spirit world. They promise it will make life easier in a lot of ways and more fun to boot.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” Leo Buscaglia

If you bring someone to the Mastership Program, you will receive a 10% discount for your effort, and if your friend refers someone, they will get a 10% discount too. So e.g., the payment would be 699.- minus 10% = $629.1, and the name of the referred person is given in the payment note.

Payments can be done in weekly increments. No problem.

For payments (besides using the link here,  you can us

Zelle: to 928-300-2112 or [email protected], Claudia Granger

Venmo: Claudia-Granger-1

  • The 6 Modules will include numerous videos, instructions, and downloadable material.
  • After class completion, you will not only have access to the regular “Divine Light Spirit Circle”, happening on Tuesdays with guided meditations, powerful healings for individuals and for the planet, and discussion on what’s going on in the Ethers but also have access to the ongoing “Extras Module”.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask and email.

Psychic Services: book here

A Zoom link will be delivered with your confirmation page. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t see the confirmation page right after your booking.

Together, you and I will elevate your life.
Our guides, guardians, and angels will connect and sit at a round table.
They will advise me towards your best and highest good.

Psychic Readings (book here)

Minutes  6090

Zoom/Phone Readings (book here)

These work, as well as readings in person.
You just call me at the designated time instead of using Zoom. All sessions are recorded if you like.

Minutes  6090

Reading Package (book here)

5 x 1-hour readings.
A $1000 value for just $800.

Group Readings By Day Package (book here)

8 hours $1000.-

Gift Readings (book here)

Minutes. 4060 

You pay less than the regular price, but the person who you gift gets the full-time value.
Gift Cards for Birthdays and Seasons Greetings are available.

Medical Intuitive Session (book here)

Working with a group of spirit medical advisors, x-ray vision, and Empathic knowledge, we assist and work on solutions for medical problems.
1 hour = $200

Real Estate Scan  (book here)

Let me scan the properties you are about to buy or rent for hidden dangers or water leaks, so that you don’t have any negative surprises.
30 min, $120 1 hour = $200

Mediumship: book here

Whenever you would like to know how you’re crossed-over loved ones are doing, I am here for you!
The depth of the connection with your loved ones depends on their ascension.
Often times deceased animals show up too.

Medium Session book here

 30 min. 60 min. 
 $150 $300 

Clearing: book here

Clearing of a Person (book here)

This involves attachment removal and blockage removal, as well as teachings on how to stay crystal clean and clear.

Starts at $200.-

Clearing of a House (book here)

Here are many variations: Entity removal, Ley-line shift, Portal closing, Smudging, Energetic cleansing, and clearing of a house to prepare for its purchase or sale.

Starts at $200.-

Healings: book here

Healing (book here)

Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Healing with Symbols, and Energy Healing, are also available as classes.

Per min.  60 

Long Distance Healing (book here)

Energy Healing with you on the phone or via a picture.

Per min.  60 

Paying is easy with PayPal.Me link: https://paypal.me/claudiagragner

Gifted Healings (book here)

Gifted Healing: you pay 20% less than the regular price by time, but the person who you gift, gets the full-time value.

Per min. 4060 

Healing Package (book here)

Claudia’s Healing Package
5 hours
Continuous support for stubborn Blockages or Dis-Easements.
A $1000 value for just $800 to make it affordable for you.
Call for more details. (928) 300-2112

Reiki: book here

Reiki Session (book here)
Long-distance healing: 1 hour = $200.-

Paying is easy with PayPal.Me link: https://paypal.me/claudiagragner

Reiki I Certification (book class here)

1 or 2 days, $333

Reiki II Certification (book class here)

1 or 2 days, $333

Master/Teacher Certification, AFTER taking Reiki I and II (book class here)

Several days/weeks mentoring $1110.- Call for details (928) 300-2112

Reconnective Healing: 

To connect you in a multidimensional way.

The Reconnection (book here)

To Reconnect you with your true self so that you can blossom multidimensional.
2 days, 1 hour each. $333


Aura Reading (book here)

All about your aura in 1 hour,
plus Aura support.

Per min.  60 

Aura Class (book class here)

Learn how to see your Aura in 1 hour. $200

Aura Class Intensive (book class here)

1 full day (4+ hours), in and/or outside. $600

Meet Your Guides

Meet your Guides Class (book class here)

Connect with your Guides and Crossed Loved ones, step by step on your own, but with help. You will be amazed at how easy it can be! Trust the process! 1 Hour. $200

Meet your Guides Reading (book here)

Connect with your Guides and Crossed Loved ones, step by step, on your own, but with help. You will be amazed at how easy it can be! Trust the process! 1 Hour. $200

Meet Your Guides Intensive (book here)

Connect in a Multidimensional way with your Guides, Guardians, and Crossed Loved Ones, also in Nature, for 1 full day (4+ hours). $600

Call Claudia for more info
(928) 300-2112

Letting Go: book here

Trauma Release and Blockage Removal

Remove old blockages step by step with help and amazing instant and long-lasting results.
1 hour $200

Letting Go of Emotional Baggage Session (book here)

Remove old blockages step by step with help and amazing instant and long-lasting results. Release old traumas.
1 hour $200

Letting Go Intensive (book here)

1 day (4-5) hours, with ceremonies, possibly outside, $700

Past Life Regression Session book here

Find out about your many past lives with my help, 1 hour = $200. book here

Past Life Regression Class (book here)

Access your many Past Lives in a step-by-step program. You will be amazed about what you can do! 2 hours = $400

Past Life Regression Intensive (book here)

1 day (4+ hours) inside, $600

Past Life Regression Certification (book class here)

Several days of in-person training and mentoring. $1,500.-

Counseling and Coaching: book here

Counseling/Coaching Session/Spiritual Mentoring

Counseling and Coaching/ Mentoring 1 hour. $200.-

Counseling/Coaching Package

5 hours on different days = $800, A $1,000 value.

Spiritual Birthing/Multi-Dimensionality book here

Spiritual Rebirthing/Multidimensionality Session

Find out who you really are on many different levels. 1 hour = $200 book here

Spiritual Rebirthing/Multidimensionality Intensive

5×1 hr session in person and/or over the phone. A $1,000.- Value for only $800.-, to be affordable for you. book here

Tours: book here

Spiritual Vortex Tour – Non-Commercial

Experience the opportunity to actually feel vortex energies, see auras, meet your guides, and benefit from other surprising opportunities. Tours will be custom-tailored to your needs. Call to book a reservation. (928) 300-2112

Vortex Tours – non Commercial

4 Connection Vortex,
River Vortex,
Customized tours. Call to book a reservation. (928) 300-2112

Payson Crystal Tour – non Commercial

Find the crystals which speak to you.No digging.
Only on Weekends.
We start at 9/10 am and end at 7/8 pm with an optional lunch/dinner in Payson.
Snacks provided. Call to book a reservation. (928) 300-2112

Self-Esteem Journey in the Beauty of the Sedona Area
You tap into your own inner Beauty and your Core Center Brilliance.
Experience the Miracle you truly are. Customized for you! Starting at 1 hour = $150. Followed by $100. For every hour after that. Intensive! Call to book a reservation. (928) 300-2112

Connecting with the Ancients/Ruin Tours – Non-Commercial

Day trips to various sites around Flagstaff and the Verde Valley. Connecting with the spirits of the past, how they lived, and what they have to say. Inner Journeying sessions are available. (928) 300-2112 Customized RetreatsCouple Retreats, Inner Creativity Retreats, Healing Retreats, Reinvent Yourself Packages, Group Retreats. Includes services seen above, plus services through other practitioners. Please state Your Interests to determine your Custom Price. (928) 300-2112

Weddings (book here)

Officiant for Weddings, including preparation, talk about customizing your ceremony and the ceremony itself. $260.-